The Evolution of Computer Science (in a Nutshell)

I’ll be discussing The Evolution of Computer Science in a nutshell in this article or post or whatever you’d like to call it.

Since we all know that computer history is very ancient, I don’t even know, to be frank, what I’m talking about right now. So let’s not waste any more time and get right on the main content.

The Evolution of Computer Science (in a Nutshell)

It all started back in 1703 when Gottfried Leibniz introduces the binary system. Oh, let just not dive into details.

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t all started back in 1703 when Gottfried Leibniz…

The new year is about to arrive, this is a time we all set some resolutions for the new year. We can also say that these were the goals that we want to fulfil in this new year. Some of us Set our resolutions that we were never gonna fulfil because we’ll not try to achieve them.

Top Soft Skills for Developers and Programmers in 2020

Soft skills get little respect but they will make or break your career!

In this article, we’re going to discuss some soft skills that a developer may need in his life. Let’s discuss them together. And I think I’m very bad at writing stuff. It means I have a lack of a soft skill.

So without wasting much time, let’s get right on the main stuff.

Work Ethic

Remaining motivated can sometimes be challenging. Being able to work efficiently is vital if you want to impress your boss and not let down your team by creating unnecessary delays.


Collaborating as part of…

Resume Tips For Programmers

Hiring managers and recruiters alike say they’ve seen more poorly written resumes cross their desks recently than ever before. Attract more interview offers and ensure your resume doesn’t eliminate you from consideration by following these key tips:

Show Of Your Work With Links

Effective use of links is to show off your work by adding hyperlinks to an online portfolio, work samples, or blog posts.

Start With A Summary

A summary is a short paragraph description that highlights a career which includes soft skills & technical skills.

Highlight Personal Projects

The resume of a programmer that shows personal or volunteer projects reflects a level of determination.

Showcase Interpersonal Skills

An emphasis on technical skills for a…

As we all know that to do any task on our devices, our device needs to do some operations to complete that task. Oh nooo, I’ve started talking about different stuff. So we are here to discuss Serverless Computing. So let’s discuss that.


Serverless computing is a method of providing backend services on an as-used basis.


Serverless means that developers can do their work without having to worry about servers at all. All of the server space and infrastructure concerns are handled by the vendor.


Note that although called serverless, physical servers are still used but developers don’t need to…

Listening to music can help us stay calm and positive. While Coding sometimes we stuck with some problems, at that time we have to keep ourself calm and focused. In that scenario, music can help us to Focus and Stay Calm (MY OWN EXPERIENCE). So Here ‘s a list of Benefits Of Listening To Music While Coding.

Benefits Of Listening To Music While Coding

It Helps You Relax

Feeling Relaxed can benefit you in a plethora of ways; You tend to be more positive and you retain information better.

It Helps You Focus (normally)

Surrounded by so much noise and distractions, you need focus to write code and music will help you achieve that.

It Helps You Visualize Better

You are…

Being a programmer is fun and challenging, You have to keep growing with time and technology. Keep Growing is a challenging task but if you are passionate about being a programmer, then you can easily grow yourself with fun.

So here are some tips on How To Keep Growing As A Programmer.

How To Keep Growing As A Programmer
How To Keep Growing As A Programmer

Keep Learning New Things

Make a list of topics that you are weak on or know nothing about, and make an effort to learn more about them.

Acquire Soft Skills

You should learn how to communicate effectively with other peoples. This will make you a better programmer.

Work On Side Projects

You can experiment with technologies that you don’t…

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